V & M Family Restaurant

Just Like Mom Used To Make Since 1954!

Shawn & Bobbie Riffe -- Having worked side by side with my dad for over a decade, I trust that we will be able to continue the traditions that my parents have established over the last 25 years.  A commitment to quality food at reasonable prices.  A friendly atmosphere with friendly service.  We welcome all of our "old" friends and guests, and look forward to meeting and taking care of new ones. 

Jason Sharp -- Having been with the restaurant since he was 15, Jason has been groomed to be Shawns "right hand man".  Helping with scheduling, supervising the afternoon and evening shift, as well as frying the best fish you can find on a Friday evening, Jason is eager to meet your needs.

Jen Fry -- Our longest tenured employee, Jen has been with the restaurant for over 14 years!  Considered by many to be the best breakfast cook in the area, you can find her on the grill almost every day. Stop in and see what she can do with an egg!

Our Family

Jaime Zeger -- Baker, chef or cook; all of these describe Jaime.  You can find her daily hidden away next to the oven working hard to prepare our daily features and possibly most importantly, DESSERT!  Next time you are in be sure to enjoy one of her "mile high" pies!

This is just a few of our family.  Whether it's the servers on the floor or those "behind the scenes" in the kitchen, our employees look forward to taking care of you! 


                                                           Stop in today to meet our family.

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